A big ask!


A few weeks ago, Jenny Layton was baptised.  When she first asked me about baptism I had no idea what a BIG ask it was ….


As a child Jenny was thrown into water and nearly drowned.  She left that experience terrified of water of every kind.  Swimming was always out of the question, as was something as simple as taking bath.  To shower was an ordeal doing everything to protect her face from the water.  Why would Jenny, with all that fear, ask for baptism that would immerse into water in front of over 300 people?  The answer is the difference that Jesus has made in her life. 


Jenny was so amazed and thankful to God for all that he had done in her life since she became a Christian that she was determined to be baptised as a witness to everyone of all that had happened.  But could she do it?  Simply getting into the water was a terrifying thought.   We therefore agreed a month or so ago that Jenny would come after another baptism and, when everyone had gone home, she would try to come into the water.  I have rarely seen someone so afraid as she sat at the top of the steps, in our empty church, unable to move.  With Julie & Katie we started to pray.  We asked Jesus to be present with her in that awful memory and to bring his peace and healing.   Jenny knew that Jesus was releasing her fear.  She did enter the water that day, but not go under.  Over the weeks that followed Jesus continued his healing and the rest, as they say, is history.  In fact, more accurately, HISstory.


Her baptism was to me a very visible illustration of the healing and transforming that Jesus is bringing to many lives. 


There is much to celebrate… and many stories to tell. 




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