Impressed by Christ Church, Felixstowe

It was a real privilege to be invited to speak at Christ Church Felixstowe’s church weekend at Sizewell Hall.  Christ Church have just celebrated their 20th anniversary.

 I spoke on Mark 5:19 and the power of our story.

 Many things encouraged me about Christ Church including:

  • Their infectious informality.  Here was a family. They knew and loved each other. You could see and feel it.
  • Their willingness to share openly, and honestly, what God was doing in their lives.  When, at the end of the weekend, they were invited to share what God had been doing, there wasn’t the long embarrassed silence common to so many church gatherings at such a moment. In fact, quite the contrary, one after another they got up to share. I was impressed.

 You can pick up my talks and notes here.