Young people leading the way in prayer

Many of the prayer movements that are springing up around the UK, indeed the world, are being led and energised by young people.  Two notable examples would be:

This week we saw the same in Burlington as our young people led the way in prayer.  Our youth minister, Claire Earl, writes:

This term is always tricky for the youth people of our church. Life is busy anyway but pile a tonne of coursework and important Exams on top and often this term is characterised by stress. So last night in one of our Emerge groups (small groups for young people) we decided we all needed to have some God time and some sense of him speaking into our worlds. We didn’t really expect what happened next but it certainly was exciting!

We took it in turns to be prayed for and as we prayed we all spent time listening to God for that person. Out of this time God spoke really clearly for each one of the group. Pictures, bible verses, words and encouragement all came from God. God spoke to us for each other. It was so exciting but most of all really encouraging. As we shared what we felt God was saying to each individual, often another person had received a similar picture or word..

What did we learn together? Of course there was the exciting stuff that God said to each of us individually but also we learnt the amazing truth that God does speak when we make time to listen. God certainly knows us inside out, the stress and the concerns of our life matter to God. And he has something to say to us about them. God loves it when we listen and is only too happy to speak to us about our own lives but also about the lives of others.