Help I’ve missed a day!

We are now a few weeks into our Daily Bible Devotions using SOAP.  It’s great to hear of so many individuals and families trying to do this together.  What, though, should you do if you miss a day or more?  Here is a reminder.

Don’t get discouraged!

Easy to say I know but actually you have probably read the Bible and listened to God speaking more in the last few weeks than you have for a while so be encouraged by the success it has been rather than allow the discouragement of the last day or week.

Don’t give up!

Tomorrow is a new day, a fresh start and a brand new opportunity.  Take it.  It’s God’s gift to you.

Don’t try to catch up!

It’s tempting to try to catch up.  Don’t.  If you miss a meal having two at the next meal time doesn’t help (I’ve tried!!).  Just start with the fresh meal for that day.  If you would like, at another time, then go back and catch up your readings then.