It’s ridiculous!

On Sunday 17th April 2011 I am running the London Marathon

Yes I know, running a marathon is ridiculous!

But then again it’s not half as ridiculous as the total absurdity of 1.1 billion people not having access to clean water. 4,000 children die every day from drinking dirty water. Many more are constantly sick. How ridiculous is that?

It’s ridiculous too that just £50 can buy a simple biosand water filter that can provide a lifetime of clean water for a whole family. How ridiculously simple is that?

So something as ridiculous as me running 26 miles and you doing something as ridiculously simple as sponsoring me WILL make a LIFETIME’S difference for families around the world.

So please help me get as many of these water filters as we possibly can. It would be ridiculous not to.

Thank you so much,