A Charity Auction

Charity Auction Invitation

I need your help.  More importantly, families around the world need our help. As you may know I am running the London Marathon on April 17th to raise money for clean water around the world.  See my earlier post.

As part of this I am hosting a Charity Auction at Coffee Link (Neptune Marina, Ipswich), on Saturday April 2nd 2011, 7pm.  I need help in three ways:

  • I need people to come!  Hope to see you there.
  • I need promises to auction.  For example, could you offer a particular skill or service for people to bid for.  This could be anything.  Here are a few ideas to get you thinking:

Bake someone a cake a month for a year
A few hours DIY (if you’re any good!!!)
A ride in your boat, helicopter or Gulfstream jet
A lesson in …….
A few hours benefit of a skill that you have

  • I need stuff! Things or services that you might be able to help provide.  For example, would your local club, business, workplace, community group, or whatever, be able to provide or donate something?  It’s often personal contact that is most rewarded.

If you can help in any way, I would love to hear from you.  Please be in touch via my facebook page or through our web contact form.

By the time you have read this post another child has died simply from drinking dirty water.  We can stop this.