Marathon Memories

“Yes, I did finish!”

When I was asked again last week whether I completed the London Marathon, I knew I needed to blog a thing or two about it for those who aren’t connected on facebook.

As you can see I finished in 4 hours 29 minutes. Having run bang on my most optimistic target of 9 minute-miles (a 4 hour finish), my knee gave up at mile 20. The last 6 miles were painful and slow.

Still, it was soon all over and an hour or two later I was drinking good coffee and eating nice pizza. My marathon complete.

For many their marathon just keeps on going: waking everyday to get water, watching your family face debilitating and life threatening diseases or knowing that if only you had clean water your child would not have died. Some marathons never stop.

Compared to that, I just took a stroll through one of the wealthiest cities on earth.

On April 17th 2011 I ran the London Marathon. Here’s why. You can donate here (this page will close on 17th July 2011).  You can read more marathon thoughts here (once they are published).