Matt Summerfield, Church Weekend 2011 – Friday evening

“I just want to be happy” But the Bible doesn’t promise this.

Two key words:
Shalom – wellbeing
Zoe – fullness of life
These are what God has for us.

Belief (truth) leads to behaviour (way of living) leads to outcome = life.

Psalm 119: the truth about God

John 13:36
Jesus is going to the cross Peter is not going
37: why?
38: Peter’s overconfidence is shattered

14:1 trust in God & also in me. Jesus reassures Peter that it will all play out.

4 we don’t know

6: I am the way, the truth and the life. The way is a person. Embrace the person. 1 John 2:6 We embrace the person and we embrace the truth

Life is the person.
No-one else is coming for you. Jesus comes today.

Shalom and Zoe is only found in Jesus.

It’s time to confess religion and embrace Jesus