Matt Summerfield – Church Weekend 2011, Saturday Morning Session 2

Matthew 14:22-36

How has the radical Jesus ending up with such a safe church?

1. Jesus calls us into a risky, dangerous life

The waves were tearing the boat a part; the sail couldn’t get straight. They were in a nearly fatal storm. How did they get there? By obeying Jesus v22. Following Jesus is not safe cf. Hebrews 11:32-38.

It’s dangerous being a follower of Jesus. Jesus is wild.

2. Jesus uses the danger to cause us to grow
Jesus is saying to the disciples through this story: ‘I believe in you!’
He breaks us to remake us.

Jesus came to them when they least expect it. Whatever storm you are in, Jesus is coming. “Take courage! It is I! The “I am” God.

Peter asks to come. He understands something about following Jesus: to be like his rabbi. The 11 probably think he had lost his mind. Peter doesn’t ask for a promise. He says, “I will come to you where it is most dangerous, if you tell me to come. Your word is enough.”.

You have to step out of the boat. Stepping out is to risk failure. There is a reality about this. To embrace the adventure is to risk failure.
Peter has three choices in failure:
– swim for it so trust himself
– ask the 11 to pull him out
– turn to the one who truly saves: Jesus.
So Peter and Jesus walk back on the water to the boat.

12 men had the opportunity to walk on the water with Jesus. Only 1 did. Only 1 had a story to tell. Peter who risked everything to follow Jesus and the impossible became possible.

Following without risk is boring. Most Christians are bored!