Matt Summerfield – Church Weekend 2011 Sunday Morning Session

Matthew 27:50-28:7

Gem 1:1ff This life is not some cosmic accident. It’s good. With mankind it’s very good. It’s answering the ‘why?’ question.
We see Shalom here. Everything in harmony.
In Gen 3 doubt leads to dislike leads to disobedience.

Romans 5:12 sin entered the cosmos. It was a game-changer. All bets are off.

Romans 8:22-23 all creation groaning but new life is coming!

Revelation 21:1-7 this is our hope. Sin, sickness and sadness are over.

Challenge: we are living between Gen 3 and Rev 21.
Creation is groaning because it carries heavy stuff : Sin, sickness, sadness and death.

Isaiah 53:4-6 he carried it all and it crushed him, killed him.
THEN rocks split, tombs open something cosmic is happening. (Matthew 27). They put a rock over the tomb but God is in the business of moving rocks.

Jesus lives to never die.

On the first day of the week, new creation. A tip of the hat back to Gen 1. This is God starting a new creation!

We no longer need to live like old-creation people. Pray ‘your kingdom cone on earth’ NOW!

We are to demonstrate the signs of the new creation in ordinary life.
We need to cooperate with God now. In the new creation there is no poverty, famine, oppression etc. Every time we act to make a difference to these we become signs of the new creation.

What we do in Christ and in the Holy Spirit is not wasted. It all counts.

1 Corinthians 15:58 nothing is a waste of time or effort.

Colossians 3:1-17 a great prayer for us