Failure is not an option

As part of our Launch the Lifeboats day we looked at the problem we are facing as a church: hardly anyone is coming to faith in Christ.  We could of course just shrug our shoulders and say “Ah well.”  We could put our head in the sand and hope that a better day is coming.  We could put more effort into doing what we already do.  Or, with resolute determination, we could set about fixing the problem!

When Apollo 13, two days into its mission, began to run out of oxygen, the moment was immortalised with the words, “Houston, we have a problem!”  What happened next is legendary.  With passion, commitment and innovation the ground crew threw everything they had at fixing the problem.  What could have been their greatest disaster became the moment of their greatest triumph.

We find ourselves facing a potentially fatal problem too.  We too are running out of oxygen.  And I’ve been so proud to sense that Burlington is more than ready to face up to the problem, and, with the same determination and innovation, to turn what could become a very dark hour into one of our brightest. Failure is not an option.

On October 2nd we had a special church conference entitled: Launch the Lifeboats. You can find more information at More of my blogs associated with this can also be found here

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