Jesus did all the cultural running

As part of our Launch for Lifeboats day, we looked at some of the principles that undergirded Jesus’s mission strategy.

The first of those was how Jesus did all the cultural running.  In other words, he went to where people were and didn’t expect them to come to him.  This is true in the fullest sense that Jesus left heaven to come to us.  He came to our place, our side, our culture. But it was also true in the way that Jesus lived. Jesus was always at their place. Their village, at their business or in their home. He did all the running. He crossed all the cultural divides. He broke down every wall.

As part of his mission we will need to do the same.

On October 2nd we had a special church conference entitled: Launch the Lifeboats. You can find more information at More of my blogs associated with this can also be found here

One thought on “Jesus did all the cultural running

  1. The same message is in creation – why did God “rest” on the seventh day? Surely to spend time with and enjoy his creation, God for us and with us is an amazing message, thank you for reminding us of it Simon.

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