A different picture of church

It’s easy to think that all the things we busy ourselves with at church are the things that Jesus would concentrate on too. I’m now much less certain. The idea of “Taking our cue from Jesus” (one of our Launch the Lifeboat session titles) has forced me to adjust my thinking. That’s never easy, or pain free.

Let me highlight some of the broad areas of challenge for me:

  • When Jesus set about changing the world he concentrated on relationships, I tend to concentrate on programmes and events (He chose 12 guys and poured his life into them).
  • Jesus did all the cultural running, I too easily think that people I want to reach should at least do some of the running too (see Jesus did all the cultural running).
  • Jesus apprenticed the disciples by teaching them through involvement, participation and then having a go, I have tended to hope that a sermon of mine (a really good one!) will do everything.
  • Jesus shared his whole life with his disciples, I tend to compartmentalise mine.
  • Jesus met the immediate needs that people presented, I tend to think of people’s spiritual need first.
I am finding that a different picture of mission and discipleship is emerging. A picture of a different kind of church.  This video captures just that.

On October 2nd we had a special church conference entitled: Launch the Lifeboats. You can find more information at www.burlingtonbaptist.org.uk/launchthelifeboats. More of my blogs associated with this can also be found here

One thought on “A different picture of church

  1. I like the way you bring it. Jesus was concerned on our “whole” man. The greatest problem today is that people wish to deal with the spiritual life of others and be far as possible from their physical and even social needs, it does not work that way. Jesus fed, healed, visited, walked with the people, what are we doing?
    Thanks for your post brother.
    Lemayian Ole Kilerai

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