Mini Series on The Missional Church (Don’t miss Sunday!)

As part of our series The Story, this Sunday (6th Nov 2011) will be the second part in a mini series on The Missional Church. We will explore the final two of Paul’s four missionary journeys.

I am really excited about it and feel there are some really important things for us to explore from the Book of Acts. I hope you can make it.

If you missed last week, then I would urge you to catch up here as it will help you get the best out of this Sunday.  You can listen below or download it to your mobile device.

This Sunday we will also share Communion, have a baby Dedication, pray for our new Finance manager and Finance Team and use a great new song in our worship (see slow).



Here are the slides

Another great reason to come on Sunday is that we will be using this fantastic song as part of our worship

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