Following Jesus – a new sermon series starts this Sunday

This Christmas we begin a new sermon series called Following Jesus.  From Christmas to Easter we will follow Jesus all the way through Luke’s gospel, from Jesus’s birth to his death and resurrection.

More than the other gospels, Luke reminds us of Jesus’s humanity.  This is no more so than in the Christmas story that Luke records with more detail than the other writers.  If following Jesus is much more than just reading his story, what does it mean for us that he chose to become a vulnerable baby? What does the fact that God chose a manger over a mansion, a cattle stall over a castle say about the choices we make?  What does the story of a young teenage girl who said ‘yes’, an older woman who had never lost hope, a father who was silenced and a young man who staked everything on a dream teach us about the life God has called us to?  There is much to learn.

All services start at 10.45 am unless stated otherwise

Sunday 4th December 2011
Follow Jesus from heaven (Luke 1)
Service includes communion
Sunday 11th December 2011
Follow Jesus to the manger (Luke 2:1-7)
Service includes believers’ baptism
Sunday 18th December 2011
Christmas Family Service 
6.30 pm Carols By Candlelight
Follow Jesus to Bethlehem (Luke 2:8-20)  
Christmas Day (Sunday 25th December 2011)
10am Follow Jesus to celebrate his birth (Luke 2:21-52)  
New Years Day (Sunday 1st January 2012)
Follow Jesus to the river (Luke 3)
Family Service with communion

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