So, how did it go? A year of Bible Reading and SOAP.

This time last year we launched a year of Bible Reading and a way of journaling called SOAP.  Here is one of my early blogs.

As we come to the end of 2011 a number of you around Burlington are celebrating the fact that in just over two weeks time you will have read the whole Bible.  Congratulations!  That is a great achievement.  Others of you are celebrating that you have heard God speak to you through the Bible more often this year.  Whatever your experience, I would love to hear from you.  Please comment below or contact me through our contact page.

On January 1st we will have an all-age service with communion that will help us commit to God for the coming year.  We will give thanks for the way that we have heard God speak, and look to the New Year with hope that we will take even more delight in God’s Word through the coming twelve months.

One thought on “So, how did it go? A year of Bible Reading and SOAP.

  1. OK I’m avoiding the actual question, but this is a good post:

    Reading the Bible through is always good for the perspective it gives, the SOAP aspect is harder because of the discipline and because I never give enough time to it.

    Perhaps next year I need to resist the challenge of reading the Bible through again and the sense of achievement it gives (ticking those boxes one by one!) and focus more on the one verse for the day. I find that hard.

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