If not SOAP, what?

As part of our celebration on Sunday 1st January we will encourage one another to commit ourselves afresh to reading God’s Word daily.  We will hear from some of those who have discovered a breakthrough in 2011 and allow their encouragement to spur us on for the year ahead.  I know many at Burlington have appreciated SOAP as a way of helping to engage with what God is saying each day.  Your notebooks full of things you have heard have become very precious.

Doing SOAP is demanding, that’s for sure.  Whilst we have benefited from it and we see the need for it, many of us have been unable to keep up with it as well as the large amount of  reading (especially if you were reading the whole Bible in the year).  For this coming year, why not read a little less in order to SOAP a little more.  Reading less but hearing God speak more would be a gain.  All the reading plans will be available.  Remember there are plans for a whole range of reading amounts.  Don’t forget too if you use YouVersion that the life journal plan is the one to choose.

Others of you have decided that SOAP is not for you.  That’s fine.  So what is for you?  What will be your rhythm to ensure that you hear God speak and then agree with Him concerning what you are going to do about it?

In the end these are the only two questions that matter.  The only two questions that tell me whether my rhythm is working:

  • Am I hearing God speak to me?
  • Am I agreeing with Him what I am going to do about it?

If your daily answer to both these questions is “yes’ then you’re winning.

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