We’ve launched a lifeboat

It was fantastic this morning to launch our first lifeboat (more here).

The Sidegate Family Community, led by Matt & Jo Holmes, was formally commissioned today as part our main celebration. Their vision is

to share with friends and neighbours, in the Sidegate area, how Jesus makes a difference in family life.

Please remember to pray for them. Here are a few specific things they have asked us to join with them in prayer about:

  • That our 3 families continue to grow together and form strong bonds.
  • God’s Holy Spirit will soften the hearts of people we are in contact with.
  • That we can truly become vessels poured out, so our friends and neighbours will want to know more about Jesus.

On October 2nd we had a special church conference entitled: Launch the Lifeboats. You can find more information at www.burlingtonbaptist.org.uk/launchthelifeboats. More of my blogs associated with this can also be found here

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