Burlington welcomes Carl Brettle

Carl Brettle (pictured) will be our main speaker at our church weekend in June 2012 (15th – 17th).  Carl’s abbreviated bio reads:

Director at UCB, rescues street children, plants churches, loves travel, communication and tech.

Or as he puts it elsewhere

A product of other people’s prayer

His full bio is here.

It is prayer and mission that have been the themes of his life and ministry. The best way I can describe Carl is that he is to the UK what Liz Beaton has been to Ipswich. Carl has spoken into my life and he will speak significantly and strategically into our life together as we grapple with our own prayer and mission, and as we see glimpses of the power that is unleashed when these two things come together.  I am so thrilled that he will be with us with his wife Rebekah.  Don’t miss it.

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