Are you ready for your Pentecost?

Last night we had a great huddle. We laughed, prayed, read and listened. There was support, challenge, learning, conviction and healing.

As part of this season of Pentecost (the sending of the Holy Spirit – Acts 2), we asked the Spirit to teach us what it meant to be people ready for the Spirit to come afresh on us. We sat quietly as we meditated on Acts 1, and asked the Spirit to highlight something for each of us. He did. We shared and committed to doing something about what God had said.

What struck me though was how jam-packed this often over looked chapter is. Here are a few things I started to scribble down in that silence.

Carry on all that Jesus began (v1)

The Holy Spirit came to people that were committed to carry on what Jesus had started: preaching the kingdom, demonstrating the kingdom and training disciples.

Commit to the Kingdom of God (v3)

This was Jesus’s agenda for being prepared for the spirit

Sharing in community (v4)

Jesus commanded them to ‘wait’ whilst they were sharing a meal with him and each other. As Claire said last Sunday in our Live it! series, “miracles happen around meals.”

Recognise our dependence (v4)

The Holy Spirit came to a group that recognized that could do nothing with out Him.

Willing to be a witness (v8)

They needed to be willing to be a witness where they lived, and where it was hostile and to places that they did not yet know.

A sense of Urgency (v11)

We only have a limited time to get the job done

Constant togetherness (v14)

Their lives were caught up in each others with a sense of purpose. They were a comrades. They were team

Unceasing prayer (v14)

They continued in prayer until it happened

 No going back (v14)

There was a sheer determination they would see this through. There was no going back to their old life.

Attentive to the Scriptures (v16)

The Scriptures was their light and their guide.

Being with Jesus  (v21)

Being with Jesus was the requirement of leadership

Believing God answers (v24)

They believed God answered prayer, that He would guide them and they acted upon it.

What would God speak to you about as you think about living a life that is ready for the Holy Spirit to fill?

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