WOW (Women of Wonder)

It was such an exciting moment yesterday to launch another missional community. At our main celebration, we launched WOW. This is the first of our existing church groups to transition to become a missional community.

Led by Sally Sago, WOW seeks …

To see pregnant mums meeting together and sharing the joys and difficulties of pregnancy and the early days after birth.

To build relationships, offering friendship and support that is non judgmental and non intrusive

To share Jesus at any and every opportunity

We promised to support and pray for this new family on mission.

A missional community is an extended family of relationships on mission together. It’s a shared-life community that connects with God, is intentional about its discipleship and shares in a common mission. In this new season Burlington is seeking to launch many missional communities.  Having emphasised our gathered life we are now seeking to balance that with a much greater emphasis on being dispersed. Our attractional mission is becoming incarnational too.  More here

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