More missional vision bursts into life

We have recently launched two more missional communities …

Feet 4 the Street

Julie Kite, our Missional Communities Team Leader, presenting Connor with a staff on which to mark up all the things that God has done.

6 months or more ago God starting stirring Connor’s heart for the people who walked past our church buildings whilst we were inside on a Sunday. He counted 120 people. So he set up a table and simply started offering people a coffee as they walked by. Now Connor is joined by a team of others who meet, chat and pray with the folks that gather. They still serve drinks, and quite often a meal too. People are prayed for, helped in practical ways and Jesus gets talked about.  As the main preacher, I am stuck inside 😦 but most weeks Connor and I meet up after it’s all over and he tells me of a miracle or two that has happened just outside our church.

The Nerf Gunners

I am so excited about this! Led by 4 older teenagers, Sam, Matt, Joshua and Nathan, who are beginning to disciple a group of younger boys and help them to reach out to their friends. A monthly Nerf-night brings all their friends together for an action-packed evening of ‘Catch the Flag’ and so much more.

It was great to hear them talk of all that they had already seen God do, and their passion and enthusiasm is infectious.

Launching The Nerf Gunners as a missional community in front of a packed church

We’ve promised to support and pray for these new families on mission.

A missional community is an extended family of relationships on mission together. It’s a shared-life community that connects with God, is intentional about its discipleship and shares in a common mission. In this new season Burlington is seeking to launch many missional communities.  Having emphasised our gathered life we are now seeking to balance that with a much greater emphasis on being dispersed. Our attractional mission is becoming incarnational too.  More here

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