As part of our iRelate series we looked at Sexuality & Pornography this morning.

You can catch up here.  The podcast and slides will be uploaded shortly.

For further information a good place to start is CARE.

For more information, filtering software (which prevents access to questionable sites) or accountability software (which sends a report of all the sites you have visited to a nominated person) see the following:

For a good read I would recommend Captured by a Better Vision by Tim Chester:

You long to be free but … Pornography has reached epidemic proportions. And in God’s eyes porn is ugly. ‘Unbearably ugly,’ says Tim Chester, ‘but for the grace of God.’ In the New Testament Paul warns, ‘Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness but rather expose them.’ Tim Chester points the reader to something infinitely better, something that captivates without causing shame, remorse or embarrassment: the glory and beauty of Christ. We are made to be satisfied with God alone, and told to avoid the sin that hinders our relationship with him.

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