Summer 2014 Teaching Series

I was not expecting this next series at all. I had other ideas. Better ideas. Easier ideas!

Over the years though I have come to recognise the familiar, persistent even relentless nudging of the Spirit. He keeps on until I listen. This has been the case here. Last week I gave in.

As I have listened, I believe that God wants us to see many more healings than we do. Many more people released from hurts and wounds that hold them back. Many more with streams, richer and deeper than they ever imagined, flowing from deep within them. I believe God wants us to be strong in body, mind and spirit.

This series is not an exercise in what more we can learn about God but an invitation to step deeper into his presence and discover that there is ‘healing in his wings’ (Malachi 4:2).


HealingSometimes I find it overwhelming. It seems that everywhere I look people are exhausted at just coping with whatever afflicts them. Bodies don’t work with the efficiency for which they were designed. Viruses and sicknesses are the topics of daily conversation. Hearts are heavy with worry or fears. Minds speak lies that crush and defeat. Visions of ourselves torment and oppress.

Is this the life to which we are called?

We know that God is raising up an army. We want to be in it. We want to fight the darkness, to usher in His Kingdom of light. But some days it’s all we can do just to stand. Maybe, not even stand. And fighting seems as far away as ever.

Jesus said of himself:

“The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to set the oppressed free, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favour.” Luke 4:18-19

This is what Jesus does. What he still does.

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One thought on “Summer 2014 Teaching Series

  1. Hi Simon, last Sunday, before you started your sermon, I asked God to speak to me during your sermon. I have never done this before but I felt prompted to do it.

    I got comfortable and started to concentrate on your sermon but the whole time I was thinking about purchasing this navy blue blazer I had seen in Next. I was also thinking about how good I would have looked if I had it today. Then something you said near to the end of your sermon that snapped me right out of my own thoughts and I said to myself I do not need that blazer. You asked Jane to come and share her story. I was emotionally moved listening to what Jane was saying.

    Then certain events were revealed to me that have effected me, how I was easily angered that God let people get away for their wrong doing and lies where never revealed. I would see things on the social network that set off my anger. I would constantly talk about it with Richard and it upset him, that I would not let it go. I could not understand why these things I was seeing did not anger him like it did for me. I thought I need to be healed from this and then asked God to heal me from all the anger, bad thoughts and the feeling to harm with words and the need to seek justice.

    You then asked all those who would like prayer to come forward. I thought I am fine now I have asked God to heal me, no need to go to the front. Then Jo Holmes asked me if I would like to come forward for prayer and I said yes.

    I have had the best week for a long time. There was something I saw posted on the social network this week, it did not effect me. The need to talk and think about what had caused the anger has past.

    I did not tell Richard why I stood up when you asked us in church last Sunday or why I went up to the front with Jo, until yesterday. He was very happy, as this has haunted me a very long time.

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