Following Jesus – Part 3: Imitation Not Just Information

At Alive 2013 I spoke at one of the evening celebrations asking the question Do we follow Jesus really? I was exploring how taking the words of Jesus “Come follow me” seriously creates a very different agenda for the church than what we are familiar with. In this serialisation of that talk I have added some questions that can be used by individuals or groups to think a little more about what following Jesus really means. Find more in the series here.

Part 3: Imitation Not Just Information

To think further ….

  • Think of a time when you have tried to do something with just information and not been shown how to do it? Was it easy/successful?
  • Who has God placed in your life that shows you how to follow Jesus? How do they do this effectively?
  • Who are you discipling at this time? Are you discipling them through the model of information or imitation?

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