Discovering my true self

FatherThis morning I was teaching on discovering our true identity as a child of God as part of our current series Healing. Once posted, you can find the podcast and slides here.

These are the things I referred to.

Orphan or Heir

Take a moment to reflect on this table: ORPHAN OR SON. Where are your behaviours and feelings more like an orphan, and where more like a son? Invite the Father to reveal himself to you.

Your true identity

Here is a list of truths about your significance, your security and your acceptance as a child of God: ACCEPTED, SECURE AND SIGNIFICANT IN CHRIST.  Why not read them everyday for a week?  Pause and pray over the truths that are harder for you to receive.

A message from your Father

The verses in the video below are all here if you would prefer to read them yourself.

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