Christmas Lyrics

Christmas Lyrics Christmas songs. Love them or hate them, they are everywhere at this time of year. The lyrics often capture the things that are important to us:

– finding or losing love as in All I want for Christmas is you or Last Christmas I gave you my heart

– our longing to belong in family as in Driving home for Christmas or Stop the Cavalry

– our search for relief, even temporarily, from life’s stresses and strains as in I wish it could be Christmas everyday or  Slades’s Merry Christmas.

Some of these lyrics are lodged into the psyche of our modern day Christmas. But there are other lyrics too. More long lasting. Sometimes centuries old; Lyrics that speak into the same longings as the words of the songs that fill our shop floors.

Why do these age-old lyrics offer such hope?
Why are they still sung around the world each year?
Do they have something, anything, to say to the sights and sounds of Christmas 2014?

Share in Christmas Lyrics with us this Christmas.

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