SEEDS: sowing for growth

SEEDS: spwing for growthIf you want a harvest you have to plant some seed. The seed you plant determines what grows. Try as much as you might but it is impossible to grow something that is different from the seed that you began with.

What seeds do we need to plant in order to get the growth that we are looking for?

I believe there are 4.  Each seed is something that we need to learn. Starting small we need to nurture and cultivate it.  God himself will cause the growth.

4 SEEDS of learning:

  • listening to God and doing what he says
  • leaning into our key relationships
  • living as growing extended families
  • loving both community and celebration

Sunday 4th January: Listening to God and doing what he says

Sunday 11th January: Leaning into our key relationships

Sunday 18th January: A baptismal Service

Sunday 25th January: Living as growing extended families

Sunday 1st February: Loving both community & celebration

Podcasts will be published here

Sundays: Sowing for Growth

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