I was thrilled to be away last Sunday (kind of)

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Last Sunday was brilliant at burlington and so thrilling to hear how things flourished in my absence. You can listen to it here:

[audio http://www.burlingtonbaptist.org.uk/podcasting/030515am.mp3]


I was so encouraged by it because ….

  • Story-telling is very powerful. John is right. A story has much more weight than just the principle alone
  • God is more at work when we are scattered than when we are gathered. It’s not all about the gathering
  • Everyone can do the stuff. Disciples can encourage disciples
  • The Senior Minister is not indispensable He knows that (!) but sometimes people behave as if he is.
  • Ministry is about modelling, empowering and releasing not doing and controlling

Honestly, the above audio is worth a listen. Stories of ordinary people discovering that God is up to something extraordinary with them.

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