It’s a boy!

Christmas 2015


Babies are born everyday and family and friends expectantly await news of the new arrival.  The conversations that follow are almost universally the same and centre around a few key questions:

– is it a boy or a girl?

– what names have you given him/her?

– How much did he/she weigh?

These are great questions.

So what if we asked those same questions about the baby from Bethlehem? Who would we ask and how would they answer?

Join us for the conversation.

2 thoughts on “It’s a boy!

  1. Thank you for the preaching on Sunday, not only was it eloquent and entertaining but it spoke the true reality which exists. Job was stricken as a result of what was going on between God and Satan. I heard God speak clearly, and as a result I am going to change how I pray. I am going to endeavour to pray more, and focus on praying into the spiritual situation behind the actuality. I really believe the breakthroughs will come with prayer. But enough to put the effort in to consistently do it- that’s my challenge! Blessings to you and Ceri and the family at Christmas. I really appreciate and admire your leadership of us. Happy Christmas x M


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