Forgotten Sayings

Spring 2016, teaching series

Beginning Sunday 21st February 2016


The run up to Easter is traditionally a time for self examination.  It’s a time to slow down, refocus and examine our hearts. This 40 day period called Lent recalls the 40 days that Jesus spent in the wilderness preparing for his ministry.  In our teaching series at burlington we will let the words of Jesus be our guide …..

Jesus said some extraordinary things. His words were direct, witty, bold, insightful and, above all, life transforming. Cutting through the noise, they go straight to the heart. But it’s easy to forget them. At least, forget to work their truth into our lives. So each week we will take something He actually said and let its truth settle on our hearts, provoking and comforting us as we align our lives with the truth.

Here’s one to get us started. Jesus actually said:  Why do you call me, “Lord, Lord,” and do not do what I say? Luke 6:46  So, according to Jesus there are people who address him as Lord (in prayer or song maybe?) but then don’t do everything he says. Ouch! That’s me, and maybe you too. Where in my life do I need to remember that Jesus isn’t just my Saviour, he’s also my Lord?

Podcasts and slides will be posted here when they are available.

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