The Disciple’s Toolkit

Teaching series: June & July 2017

The-Disciple's-toolkit_1000_draft_0.1We are disciples.  We know that.  But are we disciple-makers?  Well, yes we are.  We cannot be a true disciple without being a disciple-maker.

Discipleship involves discipling.

But how?

The Disciples ToolkitIt’s too easy to concentrate on our own personal discipleship whilst ignoring the discipling-others part entirely, or to pass the buck and hope that “The Church” will do that once we’ve made the introductions.

But what if the disciple-making part was the most vibrant, life-giving and dynamic aspect of discipleship? What if in discipling others we ourselves grow best? Then where would we start?

We start with Jesus.  Learning from him, we begin to fill our toolkit with disciple-making tools.


Full series details and podcasts (when available)


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