Will revival come?

Where I grew up in South Wales there are huge churches on almost every street corner amongst the mining villages that once were.  These churches were built to accommodate the thousands of men and women whose lives were transformed by God’s power during the Welsh Revival.  The plethora of huge buildings that dominate the landscape is still a visible reminder of the way God had moved in such power.  Much of my early preaching was done in these churches now occupied, in the main, by a handful of remaining members.  Elderly men and women would tell me, with brightness in their eyes, the stories of these churches that were full, literally bursting at the seams, the transformed lives, the hundreds of baptisms, the miracles, the crescendo of praise that was all part of their story.   Now many of these churches stand empty or have been sold as craft shops, mosques or carpet warehouses.

Will revival cvome, again?  Will revival come to Wales, or to where I am now in Suffolk, England or to where you are?  Will revival come to you, your church, your town?

This is the very question that the book of Malachi addresses.   Follow with us as we study this book in our new series Will revival come?  You can listen online here.