All this stuff

I spent yesterday at the Christian Resources Exhibition.  Over the years it has been a great place to meet new people and discover new ideas that have been of benefit in my ministry.  This year I was struck by all the stuff.

There were 100’s of stands all promoting stuff that we “need.”  If stuff was the mark of godliness then we, the UK church, are the most godly.  In fact if stuff be the mark of successful mission, then we are the most fruitful.  Manifestly we are not.

I spent last weekend with two Serbian church leaders, Danny & Vera Kuranji.  They started a church in their home that now has 15 full-time ministry leaders, and produced 5 church plants that are all growing.  They talk with ease about people coming to Christ and leaving their old life behind.  They don’t have much stuff but they do have the love of the Father, the gift of the Son and the power of the Holy Spirit … and that seems to be enough.