From the holiday crash to the high speed chase: what is the Father saying?

August and September are, for many, two months of contrast.  August is often a time to take a break, recharge our batteries and enjoy some good weather (maybe not!).  September however is quite different.  Everything gets going again, the pace is cranked up and before we know it we are back on our high speed treadmill.  Can it be different?

I want to invite us to pray and reflect about what God is asking of us in order that we might walk with Him rather than rushing ahead, or even lagging behind.  One of the endearing qualities about Jesus was that he never rushed.  He did what his Father asked; and that was enough.

Here are a few questions to help us think about what the Father might be asking. 
Is there something that I should delegate to somebody else?
Delegation is very important.  It shares the load, increases our potential and gives others new opportunity.  It’s so often easier to do it yourself, even if it makes you too busy and a little stressed. But is that what the Father is asking?

Is there a gift that is not being used?
Has God given you a gift that is not being used or not used to the extent that it should be?  God never wastes a gift, and when he gave it to you he hoped that you would use it.  If you find yourself saying “Yes, I have this gift but ….” then maybe it’s time to seek the Father afresh about what he is saying. 

Is it time for me to stop something?
Stopping an act of ministry can be just as spiritual as starting a new one.  Ministries have seasons, and when we press on after the season is over we can dishonour God, deny ourselves and block what might be next.  Is a season coming to an end?