Creation: God makes

This is the title of the third sermon in my series “Believe it – big truths about God.”  You can listen to it online (available Monday 21st September 2009).  Here are some additional resources to keep you thinking, including those referred to during the sermon.

Does the scientific support for evolution destroy the possibility of belief in God?  Read the Theos report Rescuing Darwin.  Chapter 5, in particular, offers good insight into the possible limitations of Genesis and of scientific endeavour.  Anthony Billington (LICC) offers a good summary of this report and a helpful further reading list.  Theos also offer a variety of articles concerning Darwin.

Does science answer the question of belief in God? Read Nick Pollard’s article (Damarias Trust) in response to the forthcoming film “Creation.” 

Was the world created in 6 literal days around 10,000 years ago?  Answers in Genesis says yes, and explains why

For a Christian response to Richard Dawkins “The God Delusion” try The Dawkins Letters: challenging Atheist myths.

In the end either you believe nothing made everything or you believe God made everything.  There’s no other choice.