Today is the busiest day for divorce lawyers

A study has shown that January 8th is the busiest day of the year for divorce lawyers when up to one in five couples will enquire about divorce after the pressures of Christmas. The enforced intimacy of Christmas, coupled with the start of a new year is thought to be the main trigger. The other peak in the year is after the summer holidays. Adultery, lack of sex, abuse and boredom were the main causes of divorce enquiries. Studies show that fewer than 40% of those who divorce will be happier.  Daily Telegraph 8th January 2007

I invite you to spend 5 minutes today praying for your marriage (if you are married) and the relationships that matter most to you and do something today that will make those relationships stronger.  It is a tragic indictment of our society that a season of togetherness and good will produces such results.  How tragic that the gifts of marriage and family given, by God, to hold us together can tear us apart. 

Our marriages and our families are worth fighting for and when we do the whole of heaven is routing for us.