The summer can be a time to take stock

Margin is a fantastic four part teaching series shedding fresh light on old struggles. I highly recommend them.

Earlier this year I found Craig Groeschel’s teaching series Margin extremely helpful.  I recommend them to you.  Follow the link and you can watch or listen in a host of formats.  The first part of four looks at creating margin with our time.

Busyness is one of the curses of our modern age; it robs us of relationships and much of what is most important.  But how do you slow down when there is so much to do?   How do your prioritize when everything seems so important?

I guess if some of our busyness was on bad things, then it would be easy.  We could cut out the bad, leaving more room for the good.  Like you, I’m sure, I feel I am busy and it’s all good stuff; all worthwhile and profitable.  Into this conundrum the story of Mary & Martha has spoken to me in fresh ways.  Often we think of Martha as being told off by Jesus for not doing something good.  How far from the truth.  Martha was pulling all the stops out to make sure that everything was just right for the greatest visitor she could ever welcome.  Was Martha doing a good thing?  Yes, certainly!  What Jesus actually said though was not that Martha was doing something wrong, but that Mary had chosen something better.

Luke 10:42 42but only one thing is needed. Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her.”

Am I so caught up in the good things that I miss the best thing?  If you get a break, or are able to pause this summer, why not ask yourself that question.  Remember Jesus saw it clearly and he can help us see it clearly too.