My Sabbatical (in 500 words)

Thank you to everyone who, in so many ways, has made it possible for me to have this “time-out.” Here is a snap-shot of what I’ve been up to.

Books I’ve read

  • Red Moon Rising by Pete Greig
  • Clusters by Bob Hopkins & Mike Breen
  • The Passionate LIfe by Mike Breen & Walt Kallestad
  • The Passionate Church by Mike Breen & Walt Kallestad
  • Exponential by Dave Ferguson & Jon Ferguson
  • The World According To Jeremy Clarkson by Jeremy Clarkson
  • The Organic Church by Neil Cole
  • Lead Like Jesus by Ken Blanchard, Rick Warren & Bill Hybels
  • Total Church by Tim Chester & Steve Timms
  • Leadership & The New Science by Margaret Wheatley
  • Building a Discipling Community by Mike Breen & Steve Cockram
  • Lost for Words by John Humphries
  • From Good To Great & The Social Sectors by Jim Collins
  • Cure For The Common Life by Max Lucado
  • Leadership By The Book by Ken Blanchard, Billy Hybels & Phil Hodges
  • Total Forgiveness by RT Kendall
  • Galloway’s Book On Running by Jeff Galloway
  • Ordering Your Private World by Gordon McDonald
  • The 360 Degree Leader by John Maxwell
  • The 21 Indispensible Qualities of a Leader by John Maxwell
  • Everybody Is Normal Till You Get To Know Them by John Ortberg
  • Holy Discontent by Bill Hybels
  • Masterful Leadership by ken Blanchard & John Ortberg
  • The Bible (although, sadly, not all of it)

Ministries I’ve been encouraged, taught & challenged by

Random things I’ve done

  • Climbed the Eiffel Tower
  • Had lunch in Monte Carlo
  • Learnt to cook (using every pan in the kitchen!)
  • Crabbed unsuccessfully on Cromer pier but very successfully at Ipswich Docks
  • Got through security at Portcullis House, Westminster
  • Welcomed George, the hamster, into our family
  • Started running (again); 3-4 miles most days
  • Arrived in Edinburgh the same day as the Pope (he forgot we were meeting!)
  • Spent a week with my brother and family in the UK over from New Zealand
  • Finally broke off my long-standing relationship with Windows and sold my soul to Apple. Whilst still in the honeymoon period, it’s proving to be a very happy marriage
  • Watched every episode of Spooks in the current series
  • Celebrated Joel’s 10th birthday, Emma’s 13th birthday, Rachel’s 16th birthday, Ceri’s 40th birthday and Evan starting school
  • Enjoyed and appreciated God’s gift of friends
  • Appreciated more than ever time to be with Ceri – my best friend and soul mate – and the children God has given us the privilege to raise

Things I’ve Learnt, been reminded of and convicted by

  • It’s all about Jesus
  • The task is to “make disciples” not grow the church
  • It’s all about ‘go” and we have made it all about “come.”
  • It’s not meetings, programmes or even church Services but life on life that makes the real difference
  • God is much more interested in “out-there.”
  • In places in the UK the church is growing at a phenomenal rate but it looks and feels different
  • God IS with us. In almost every place I have gone somebody has given me a prophesy. Each one was amazingly insightful, encouraging & challenging.
  • Prayer.  We must win the war for air-supremacy
  • The most important thing for me is my own walk with Jesus

So, back to it.  Huge privilege.  Huge responsibility.  Totally awesome God.