Start or restart SOAP? (1)

In some sense, September offers a new start.  After the August Bank Holiday this weekend we begin to think about our routine for the autumn.  Can I encourage you at this new start to think about doing SOAP.  Soap is a way of reading the Bible that helps you to listen to what God might be saying to you.

You can find everything you need here.

As a church we have been encouraging one another to SOAP each day.  Maybe you started well, but got behind with the readings and became discouraged. Maybe you are still going strong, or getting through the readings but not spending as much time reflecting and praying.  Maybe you have never given it a go.

Here is a message I preached at the end of last year as we were preparing to start SOAP together.  I hope it is a helpful reminder as to why engaging with the Bible is so important.  It was entitled:  The Word brings Life.





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