Start or restart SOAP? (2)

In an earlier post I encouraged you to start or keep going with SOAP as we begin September.  SOAP is a way of reading the Bible and listening to what God is saying to you personally.  This year we have been encouraging each other to do SOAP each day, and sharing it in many of our small groups.

You can find everything you need here.

As the year has gone on some of us have got discouraged because it was hard to keep up with the volume of reading.  Remember that there are 5 different reading plans, all covering the same material, so you can read as much or as little as you are able.  What’s important is not how much you read but whether you have heard God speak.  Why not try reading less but listening more?

Here is the second message I preached at the end of last year as we were preparing to start SOAP together.  It covers many practical issues of how to do it. It was entitled:  The Word must be heard.


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