Millennials well placed for mission

Last Saturday night as the temperatures plummeted way below zero, a group of millennials (born after 1980) gathered at Providence, Bucharest to pray, celebrate, learn and grow together. Mexican food, prepared by American missionaries Ralph & Tammy Stocks, and roasted marshmallows was all part of the mix.

I spoke on Luke 5 & 6 drawing out themes for missional church and reminding this great group of how well placed they are to become more missional. As Millennials I reminded them they are good at connecting. They are the most connected generation. They are good at community and collaboration. More so that my generation and they are the generation most willing and wanting to make sacrifices for a cause great than themselves. They are ideally placed to be key players in a missional movement.

It challenged me that we need to encourage millennials wherever they are, Bucharest, Ipswich or around the world, to really go for it. They get it more intuitively than the rest of us. I see that with my own children and the young people at Burlington. Let’s not hold them back. May they know our applause as they reach out to their own generation.

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