Another journey of 24-7 prayer begins

24/7 Prayer Room 28th – 30th June

Our prayer room will be happening again this year on Friday 28th June from 7:00am and will run through to our Sunday service on the 30th June. 24-7 prayer room is a simple idea, It’s just praying without stopping… in one hour shifts, night and day around the clock. Our prayer room will be set up in the area at the back of church and it will be decorated creatively to inspire you to pray. The activities will encourage you to experiment with different styles and types of prayer but most importantly it’s a place where you can go and meet God.

Sign up for your 1 hour

You can sign up by following this link.

Sign up for slots of one hour and you could do this on your own, in a group or both! Please try to leave the daytime slots for families with children. In the evenings stewards will sleep over to provide security and assistance.

 Be inspired

See what I wrote after a previous 24/7 prayer.

Read all about it all over the world

Our prayer room is a truly special space, come and meet God, pour out your heart, pray for others, listen. Bring your favorite music, your bible, your journal. Write, draw, dance, sit, kneel, sing, read. I go to the prayer-room to meet with God, and I find God there simply because God is longing to be met.

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