Missional Community Leaders’ Evening

This is a quick follow up for our missional community leaders following our evening together reflecting on the recent Community of Practice that some us had been on (similar to a Learning Community). I promised I would send out the four key questions I shared that are so effective in discipleship and are ideal for smaller discipleship groups within a missional community: IPOD’s (Intentional Places Of Discipleship). So here they are:

  • What does the passage tell us about God, his people, and/or life?
  • Is the passage a promise, principle, command or warning?
  • What is God saying to me and what am I going to do about it?
  • Who can I share with what I have learnt before next week?

More here

You will notice that it resonates with group SOAP.

While I’m writing, here are some of the flip charts that might be useful as we continue to reflect together.

Building a discipleship culture


The discipleship relationship: Invitation and Challenge


More on this.

The Caterpillar


Discipleship requires community


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