We’ve lost a key member of our team

I took this photograph at Jane's 100th birthday party!

I took this photograph at Jane’s 100th birthday party!

Today, I will bury our oldest member, Jane Laws. She died at a 101 years of age leaving a family of 5 generations and 197 strong.

In recent years Jane has been housebound, had lost her sight, most of her hearing and her mobility. But she prayed. Really prayed. She was one of our great intercessors. “I pray for you everyday” she would say, and I believed her. As the troops were busy with mission and discipleship on the ground, Jane was making sure we were winning the battle of the air. We will miss her.

When you say you will pray for someone or something, do you? She did.

A few years ago I wrote a blog about Jane. She is a testimony that God can use you whatever the circumstances.

She has longed to be with Jesus. Now she is.

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