God Provides!

God Provides!In February 2008 we opened the church centre.  It has transformed our buildings into a bustling and vibrant place where our community gathers 7 days a week. We are thrilled that ahead of schedule we have nearly completely paid for this £1.1 million project.  As a thanksgiving to God, and an act of celebration, we will hold a Gift Day on Sunday 8th March in the hope of paying off the final £30,000.

In this mini-series leading up to the Gift Day our desire is

  • To re-tell the story of God’s miraculous provision of the church centre as many newer members have never heard it, and those of us who have so easily forget!
  • To give all of us an opportunity to invest or re-invest in the buildings that bless us so much
  • To think about our giving in the light of God’s provision.

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