A rescue centre or a cruise liner?

Church centre WelcomeOn Sunday 16th December 2007, I was preaching through a Christmas series called The Christmas Risk. It was also the Sunday when we were opening up our then new church centre for our church community to look around in advance of the official opening a few months later.

The challenge facing us was to fulfil the real vision of building a rescue station rather than a yacht club. It was so much more than bricks and mortar. As I said then …

This building is not to make us warm and comfortable. This building is to help us intentionally raise the level of risk in reaching lost people for God.

Here is the full message:

[audio http://www.burlingtonbaptist.org.uk/podcasting/161207am.mp3]


Moments before we entered the church centre for the first time I played this prophetic message. It’s haunting commentary on consumer church has helped keep us focussed on making sure we’d built a mission station rather than a mansion.

On Sunday 8th March we are holding a final Gift Day to pay off the final loans. (For Burlington readers please use this Gift Day Response form 2015.)

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