Burlington Gift Day – Sunday 8th March

Here is another copy of a letter sent to the burlington community today.
God Provides!

Dear Church Member,

In February 2008 we opened the church centre.  It has transformed our buildings into a bustling and vibrant place where our community gathers 7 days a week. We are thrilled that ahead of schedule we have nearly completely paid for this £1.1 million project.  As a thanksgiving to God, and an act of celebration, we will hold a Gift Day on Sunday 8th March in the hope of paying off the final debt of £30,000.

In the ‘God Provides’ mini-series leading up to the Gift Day we have taken the opportunity to:

  • Re-tell the story of God’s miraculous provision of the church centre as many newer members have never heard it, and those of us who have so easily forget!
  • Give all of us an opportunity to invest or re-invest in the buildings that bless us so much
  • Think about our giving in the light of God’s provision.

Our Gift Day this coming Sunday is entitled, ”With Joy And Thanksgiving” and during the opening worship we will create the opportunity to bring our response cards and offerings together. 

Should you be unable to attend on Sunday 8th then you can return your card (pdf attached) to the Treasurer or Finance Manager in person, put it in the postbox in the corridor outside Simon’s office, or post it to Andy Sago, Burlington Baptist Church, London Road, Ipswich, IP1 2EZ. You can also reply by email directly with details of your gift or pledge to Andy at treasurer@burlingtonbaptist.co.uk.

Let’s come on Sunday filled with joy and thanksgiving, prepared and motivated to bring our offerings together to our awesome God.

Thank you for your generosity!

Yours in Christ

Simon Harris – Senior Minister, Andy Sago – Church Treasurer

Gift Day Response form 2015

The opening ribbon was cut by our longest serving member (Joan Norman), our most recent member (Kim Stanford) and our youngest member (Rachel Harris). February 2008

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